I first started contributing to the game industry over 10 years ago; I was working in my free time from the family PC, designing mods and creating videos for a small modding community. I would spend more time making content for my favourite games than playing them!

After a three hard worked years, in 2016, I graduated with first class honours from UCLAN in Games Design. After this monumental achievement I continued to work on my own personal projects, releasing two completed projects (Luck Screen and Advanced First Person Character) to reputable marketplaces. 

I joined Rockstar Games in 2017 as a games tester on for the many expansion packs for GTA Online. Soon after, becoming a Designer (Technical) at Team 17, working on a plethora of projects; designing, prototyping and porting games of all scopes and genres. Later I moved to Germany and joined the team at Ubisoft as a Technical Level Designer to work on Assassin's Creed VR, an exciting opportunity to develop in VR industry on a legendary franchise.


I'm always ready to further my career and the game industry with modern practises and innovative design.