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Advanced FirstPerson Character

(2015) Unreal Engine 4 - Marketplace Submission

This is a submission I created and is currently being sold on the Unreal Engine Marketplace.


The general idea of this is to create a base character with systems you'd expect to find in a First Person Character. Including systems to edit and modify the attributes to create your own character

List of Features:

  • In-Game character creation data table

  • Health and Stamina regeneration systems

  • universal interaction system

  • Pick up physics object

  • Abilities to toggle availability

  • Head-up display, fall damage

  • screen shake system


Movement Abilities; Sprint; Walk; Run; Jump; Crouch,

"The Advanced First Person Character blueprint is a base for a first person character. Featuring systems that are generally expected in a first person game and that aren't included in the first person example content. These features are all versatile enough to be used as a base to create even more advanced features or to create a fleshed out character for your first person game with user friendly editing tools. You will be able to edit character data live in-game and save to the character in the editor. This allows for finding the most suitable abilities for your character, to get precise data for an environment, make the gameplay feel fluid and find any debug within the game as easily possible."

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