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Ether One Level

(2013) UDK

I was tasked with creating a level from a reference image using a set of assets from the video game Ether One.

Ether One is designed to tell a story, the gameplay is near non-existent. Guiding the player through the environment and keeping the flow was most important.


Train tracks leads the player through the level, providing a route when lost and a familiar site while continuously going under and over.

This level was designed to be atmospheric, limiting the amount of breaks in the gameplay flow. To achieve this I used:



The level is based around the train tracks, the player continuously goes underneath, above and on top of them. The tracks are a familiar route for the player to follow.



Sight lines were designed to emphasise the tower, I placed a flashing red light to draw the player's eye. Pointing in the correct general direction.

The reference image

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