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Oilious Rigious

(2014) Unreal Engine 4


Set on an Oil Rig in the near future, this level contains puzzles, narrative and limited exploration. 


Project Time: 2 months

Video - Explained Commentary

Video - Gameplay

Early Paper Design

Final Simplified Map

Mechanic Teaching

The individual puzzles are all combined in the final puzzle.


  • Timed bridges are introduced. A simple button will activate the bridge.                                       The player now knows their function and that they're timed.


  • A locked door requires a key card to pass; coloured doors require the same coloured card. The player knows they must search a relative area for the card.


  • A door is locked near a set of valves; the correct setting has to be applied to unlock the door


  • The final puzzle introduces all these previous obstacles, combining previously obtained knowledge. The player wouldn't be able to reach to this part of the level without completing and learning about the previous obstacles.


I designed the level to be enclosed; feel like a maze without the loss of direction. To achieve this I used:



Continually changing heights, giving a sense of scale to the environment.



Throughout the level are points of observation, where the player can see the whole map. This hints at the idea of a new objective; without directly telling the player.



Sight lines were designed to give emphasis to an object. I placed one to emphasise the importance of the crane. It is placed within a "Frame" making it the most important visible object.



Dividing the level, I created a foreground layer; to frame the more important objectives. The centre of interest; holding the crane. The background layer; gives depth to the world, backstory I.E. that the player is on an oil rig.



Points of foreshadow hint at the next location they will and need to reach. To continually give the player an idea of the general direction they need to move in, and they're traversing correctly.

Download and play for youself here

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