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(2015) Unreal Engine 4 - Blueprints

Tempus is a project that was designed and developed over a single month for the Uclan Game Jam in teams of 9-10. I was chosen as the team leader. My role was the creation of the blueprints and the general management of the Unreal Editor project. 


The game is a first person puzzle, where the player switches between two timelines, the distant future and relative past, to complete and overcome obstacles.


An example is using a crowbar that’s in the past to break open a door barricade in the future.


Technical Obstacle 

"Switching between two timelines simultaneously"

Two different worlds exist at the same time.


When the player pressed the switch key, a level unloads, loading another; these levels are holding only visual information. 


A third level had to be underlying the other two holding all the interactable entities that affects gameplay. Each entity in this level switch to their opposite time counterpart.

Here is a video of the Tutorial level within the game

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